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Vote Charles City is dedicated to preserving our culture and history while supporting our community and citizens.

For Charles City,

Let's Build A Better Tomorrow

Vote Charles City is dedicated to fostering a thriving community through active engagement in local events, supporting initiatives that align with American values, and championing positive growth while maintaining traditional principles.

We strive to support an educational environment that is safe and strong thereby giving our children a base for a successful future.

As staunch supporters of local law enforcement, fire departments, and their organized activities, we believe in the significance of respect and dignity as fundamental elements of freedom and responsibility.

We respect the different cultures that make up our community and are proud of the way they have worked together to make Charles City County what it is today.

Ultimately, we aim to facilitate prosperous growth while preserving the cherished rural character of our community.

Our Focus

Community Engagement

We participate in local events and support any community program that aligns with American values. We look forward to positive growth through business opportunities that maintain traditional values to make our county strong, prosperous, and proud.

County Leaders

We envision having a Board of Supervisors, School Board, and any constitutional office share our conservative principles. Honest and compassionate leadership, helping our seniors, veterans, and citizens when in need.

Support Our Local Law Enforcement

We support the local Sheriff’s Department, Animal Shelter, Fire Department, and activities organized by our officers. Respect and dignity go hand in hand and are basic to freedom and responsibility.

County Growth

We eagerly anticipate a future marked by positive, prosperous growth that not only enhances the well-being of our residents but also preserves the unique charm and character of our rural community setting.

Fiscal Responsibility

We believe it is essential that prudent financial management and budgetary constraints be implemented across all tiers of government to ensure responsible stewardship of public resources, thereby fostering sustainable growth and maintaining the public's trust in governance.

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